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Here at Elken, we want to welcome you on this journey towards securing your future and personal financial success. Intended to provide every member with products and business opportunities, this compensation plan was designed with an increasingly globalised and borderless world in mind.

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Easy Video Guide to
iElken Business Suite (iBS)

The iELKEN Business Suite (iBS) is a service that you are entitled to receive when you sign up as our Independent Business Owner. Here you get a Comprehensive Back Office management system that includes membership modules, sales reporting, genealogy monitoring, e-commerce modules, e-wallet management and campaign modules all in an interactive personalised website.

All you need to know at ONE glance

Overview of commissions, bonuses, performances and targets.

SEAMLESS eCommerce Experience

Forget about parking, queuing and lengthy account numbers – transfer or withdrawal, eWallet will take care of everything for you!

GLOBAL Network at your fingertips

Enroll new members or BAs, wherever and whenever.

i Gain Control

Embark on a journey in this quick & easy video tutorial on key features of iBS. In less than 15 minutes, you will be able to gain a better understanding of this powerful business tool provided to you when you sign up as our Independent Business Owner under iElken.

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